The advantages of selecting specialised, private training over a traditional education provider

The advantages of selecting specialised, private training over a traditional education provider

The advantages of selecting specialised, private training over a traditional education provider

3 May 2024 FDM Comments Off

By Nicola John, Managing Director, FDM

Choosing a private and specialised training provider over a traditional college course could be ideal for those working in a rapidly evolving industry with a changing regulatory landscape.


The Fire Door industry is experiencing change. A private training provider, such as FDM, has the flexibility to adapt quickly and meet the evolving needs of the industry, and the organisations and individuals that work within it. Private providers are not bound by more rigid curriculums that can take time to adjust to industry shifts or changes to legislation. 


A private training provider can adapt its curriculum to ensure that learners have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in that area and address specific challenges. This level of customisation is rarely achievable in the traditional college system, where courses can be standardised and inflexible.


This higher level of responsiveness ensures that learners receive the most current and practical knowledge, helping them to operate safely and compliantly.


Moving away from traditional college courses can also mean moving away from traditional learning methods, which don’t necessarily work for everyone, particularly hands-on, practical people. At FDM, we use a blend of hands-on training alongside traditional classroom work, which ensures that the course is fit for purpose and that what you learn during training can be practically applied in day-to-day work. 


FDM also offers the opportunity to collaborate with organisations to create bespoke training courses. Training can be directly aligned with an organisation’s strategic goals, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the education provided.

Specialised training centres can also prioritise hiring passionate and experienced staff within a specific field. Learning from industry experts who understand learners’ needs, hurdles, and pain points can offer huge value compared to a broader training provider. At FDM, we specialise in providing detailed and expert-level training developed in collaboration with industry leaders. This laser focus ensures that the training is comprehensive and of the highest quality.


Specific training at a specialised centre also allows the opportunity to meet and network with other individuals and organisations working within the same industry, which can help nurture important relationships and provide opportunities in the future. FDM is already starting to form a passionate community of fire door industry stakeholders who are ready to embrace the industry’s evolving nature. 


Private training providers like FDM offer a tailored, responsive, high-quality training solution that traditional colleges may find challenging to match. By adapting quickly to industry and regulatory demands, private training providers fulfil immediate training needs and contribute to the ongoing development of a thriving industry.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your training needs or tour FDM’s new, industry-leading fire door training centre.


If you have any questions, would like to book a tour of the centre, or if you would like to discuss potential partnership or collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with Dan Cope, Sales Director at FDM.

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