About Us

FDM is your go-to place for Fire Door training, inspections, and maintenance. Our mission is to elevate Fire Door safety standards and support organisations in navigating the changing regulatory landscape.

 In February 2024, we opened our doors to our GQA-accredited, state-of-the-art training facility to train Fire Door inspectors, installers and maintainers to meet and exceed UK Fire Door regulations. FDM’s courses are designed for practical-minded individuals, blending theory with hands-on experience, stepping away from the conventional written formats typically seen in other Fire Door training.

 For organisations seeking highly trained professionals to inspect and/or maintain their Fire Doors, you can tap into our extensive network of FDM-trained operatives to ensure safety and compliance.

We will continue to collaborate with landlords, residents, manufacturers, and component suppliers to support and raise the standards within the fire door industry. 

Fire Door Training: Inspection, Installation and Maintenance

FDM courses are designed for practical-minded individuals. They blend theory with hands-on experience to improve safety and compliance across the industry.

Inspection and Maintenance Services:

Our highly trained operatives use their expert knowledge and the latest technology to improve the quality and compliance of your Fire Doors. We provide timely, risk-based information to enable you to manage your Fire Doors effectively.

Meet Our Team

Nicola John
Managing Director
Dan Cope
Sales Director
Sara Richardson
Training Centre Manager
Magia Sonidou
Digital Marketing Executive

Partnered with CCS Ltd

We are delighted to be partnered with CCS Ltd. The CCS GT Pin, App and Dashboard offers a comprehensive solution to manage your fire door compliance that is efficient and cost-effective.

A simple, easy to use pin, app & online a dashboard that connects a team in documenting the lifecycle of a fire door.

Digital fire door data is stored on secure online servers meeting the recommendations of Dame Judith Hackitt’s ‘Golden Thread of Information.’ FDM uses the CCS system to provide compliance to our clients.

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Our Operators

We are partnered with the Claven Group to provide a UK wide field force of operators who are all referenced and vetted.  

Due to the sensitive nature of home visits, all operators ae monitored and robust systems and oversight are in place to regularly review all operators.

Each operator has gone through extensive screening and vetting checks including ‘Know Your Candidate’ checks (CV plus usual proof of address and ID provided.) It is then screened by an independent agency to confirm ID, address, check NI number etc. as well as past employment referencing. Additional checked are then made on Social Media, credit checks, DBS checks and sanction screening.

As the tenants we encounter may be vulnerable, operators are also trained in a number of areas including:

  • Safeguarding – Adult and Child
  • Quality and Diversity – including LGBTIQA+
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Modern Slavery