Supporting landlords with their critical role as a ‘Responsible Person’

Supporting landlords with their critical role as a ‘Responsible Person’

Supporting landlords with their critical role as a ‘Responsible Person’

15 May 2024 FDM Comments Off

By Nicola John, Managing Director, FDM

Landlords have many responsibilities, including the legal responsibility of providing a safe environment for their tenants and the legal duty to maintain and repair properties to the correct standards. This role can be complex due to the many different areas and aspects of a building, including fire doors. 

One significant aspect of a landlord’s responsibility is to stay informed about the latest safety standards and regulations. FDM’s Fire Door Awareness Course is designed to support responsible persons and landlords, by providing crucial knowledge about fire doors, including legislative requirements, detailed information about how a fire door performs, how a fire door is put together, fire door components, and the potential dangers of changing components. Understanding these elements will allow landlords to meet health and safety standards and help them provide safe and habitable accommodation that supports the safety and well-being of their tenants.

The diverse responsibilities of a landlord extend beyond fire doors. A responsible person must oversee all aspects of a building to keep it safe, including kitchens, bathrooms, glass installations, lifts, and communal areas. Due to the complex nature of these building areas, it’s not surprising that some landlords may rely on the expertise of manufacturers or tier-one contractors. However, the modern regulatory environment demands that landlords don’t just rely on external advice, but also engage actively in learning about the products and their maintenance. FDM is ready to help landlords meet the legislative requirements and support them in keeping tenants safe. 

Another key responsibility of a landlord is to oversee that fire safety measures at the property, including fire doors and escape routes, are functional. They must also conduct fire risk assessments, including hazards, and take necessary precautions. 

FDM’s dedicated fire door course will help landlords understand fire doors in more detail so they can fulfil their legal role. 

It’s not enough for landlords alone to be educated and aware. Their staff must also be trained, especially in larger organisations such as housing associations or council properties. This ensures that safety standards are understood and maintained across the board, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving tenant safety.


This role, demanding as it may be, is crucial for countless individuals’ safety and should not be taken lightly. 


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