The Buildings Safety Act. Change is coming. We’re ready, are you?

The Buildings Safety Act.

The Buildings Safety Act. Change is coming. We’re ready, are you?

18 April 2024 FDM Comments Off

By Nicola John, Managing Director, FDM

During the Construction Leaders’ Summit 2023, Dame Judith Hackett discussed the urgent need for a proactive approach to building safety driven by collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to ethical practices across the construction industry.

The industry must be competent, accountable, responsible, and ready. Regulatory changes will impact products and site work throughout the UK. 

FDM is preparing for regulatory changes in the coming years. All FDM courses and services are designed to improve safety and compliance and to support others in the industry in improving standards and preparing for change. We all have a responsibility and duty, and at FDM, we are fully committed to playing our part and supporting the industry moving forward.

The reality is that we are not ready as an industry. But change is a journey, and collectively, we have not yet reached the destination. Positive change is underway; we can see that across the industry, and FDM is dedicated to collaborating with other industry stakeholders to solve the complex challenges and hurdles for a safer environment for everyone. 

Fire doors can and should be a life-saving product. All buildings must be safe and fit to live in, and having safe and compliant fire doors is critical to ensure that buildings are indeed safe. Tradespeople and operatives handling fire doors must understand the impact of their work on safety. And how their jigsaw piece fits into the bigger picture, the ‘golden thread’. 

Handling a fire door safely and competently is achievable. However, it requires expert knowledge, skills, training, and a broader understanding of the golden thread and the products being used. Look no further than FDM. Over the last six years, we have been aware of Dame Judith Hackett’s work and recommendations, and we have taken a proactive and forward-thinking approach in everything we do. 

FDM is dedicated to supporting the industry with inspection, installation, and maintenance training courses and inspection and maintenance services from our highly trained team of experts. Working with FDM promises confidence in the safety and compliance of your fire doors. 

Ready to be part of positive change? If you are an organisation wanting to improve the compliance and safety of your fire doors, or a company looking to upskill your team in line with new regulations, please get in touch. 

You can watch Dame Judith Hackett’s speech on the Buildings Safety Act at the Construction Leaders’ Summit 2023 here.

If you have any questions, would like to book a tour of the centre, or if you would like to discuss potential partnership or collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with Dan Cope, Sales Director at FDM.

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